Friday, April 13, 2007


Last night I headed over to Oakland with my friend to check out the Bead Expo. She was invited as a member of the press and I tagged along for the ride and to pick up some beads at wholesale prices. I've been wanting to learn to create beautfiful baubles for quite some time but after taking a bracelet making class and spending over $80 on the supplies alone, I figured that buying would be better than making. Alas, I am itching to be crafty (given that I'm surrounded by crafting divas) and am determined to find something I can really get into. I've attempted a pillow (which I think turned out quite nicely), crochet (with a little help, I made a flower and now am stuck on my clutch) and now I'm turning to beads. Here are some shots of the pretty beads I picked up nestled in the darling little Nigella Lawson measuring cups given to me by my friend last month.