Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I logged on to Target.com earlier today to find the server down, I immediately had to go to Target to see what all the Missoni fuss was about. I naively thought I could pick up some towels and possibly some clothes for Lady Baby. When I got to Target, this is what I found...

Nothing! EVERYTHING had been cleared out. Shelves were bare. No Missoni for me.

But then I ran into a friend near the checkout who had just come from a different location and she was bragging about her haul. I followed her to her car to find this...

She had bought it all! Luggage, stationery, laptop case, rubber boots, plates, clothes... Seriously. She had it all. And best of all, she had scored a tiny Missoni dress for my Lady Baby. Thank you Carrie!

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1 comment:

Erin B said...

omg!!! i naively thought i would pick up some linen at my leisure.....ha.

nice score for your pal! and baby girl!